Highest .AI Domain Sales For $700,000

One of highest .ai domain sales report in 2023 , this domain you.ai sold for $700,000.00 . AI is great domain trends up to 2035 or more.

Sources reported that You.ai has been sold for a large sums of money which up to 700000 USD recently by a Chinese domain investor ,his name is Tang Zeyong.

Tang started .ai at a very early age , dates back to 2011 or so when the extension of.Ai is not sell like hot cakes today at all as well as the registration fees cost so high nearly 150 USD for 2 years at that time,it shows that Tang has great sense of investments and are so shrewd ,the most importantly,as so to his persist,Tang is the King of.Ai domains among Chinese domain investors.

Tang has amany of one word English dictionary words and has sold some of them as well,tang listed his .ai domains at dan/com once I found it at random as I searched .

Here is another story about Ai .Ai

The first Chinese owner of Ai.ai is a Chinese people,His Nick name is called Shu yepi,English translation: the skin of leaives ,he registered the Ai.Ai domains at 2.14,2008 at first time when he was a college student.

He once shared with us his story about Ai.Ai at a Chinese TV interview, quote:one night ,he wanted to run a personal blog and he searched many Chinese COM.cn/Cn found many had been taken especially the one he loved the most , howere,after several days, he was told that .ai domain was out and anyone can owned it,he felt the opportunity came and the extension are so cute,short and meaningful because of .ai means LOVE in Chinese Pinyin.

But one thing cracked his head soon,Its so expensive that he couldn’t affordable (500 USD / year at 2008), instead, Shu didn’t wanna quit this,because this short and special name that really interested him at that time,and then Shu turned to his father for help, He told his father Ai.Ai is worth more than 3000 USD if he could sell out in 1 year.

Finally ,He strongly persuaded his father and borrowed 500 USD from his father then owned it.
“I was so excited that didn’t sleep very well that night said Shu smilely and proudly”.

As time goes by ,renewal comes up but he had not sold his Ai.Ai yet to others ,maybe, no one has to much understanding of this anovelty and cute thing and the same thing was big headache due to the renew fee is as high as before, its really a large expense today for a domain renewal let alone at that time , at the same time ,he was quite busy with his study and prepared for his graduation essay at that very moment, he struggle strongly several days and made the hard decision (give up)!

From the 2 story mentioned above ,maybe, we domainers can learn someting from it, that is, its very important to do things at the right time, great things never come easy it takes some time!