Widely Believed Myths About Reverse Osmosis Systems

As the Reverse Osmosis technology gains grounds in the water filtration market; the myths have started to clutter its identity. Many pseudoscientists have come forward with various theories that make the process hazardous. We have written this post to discuss all of them and counter a few of them for your understanding.

Myth # 1: Takes away minerals

This is the most common myth we have seen in the market. The idea is that reverse osmosis clears out water so well; it even takes away minerals that are good for the human body. First of all, the human body does not seek its minerals from water but instead of food. Water does not have enough minerals; one glass of orange juice equals 30 gallons of water regarding mineral content.

The Reverse osmosis takes away all the ions, and that means it takes away the good minerals as well. But the human body is not going to miss those minerals at all, so this is a false equivalence. Same goes for commercial reverse osmosis systems.

Myth # 2: Wastes water

The filter works in a way that it pulls out small quantities of water from the source and that water is known as wastewater. The water helps the membrane not break from the rigorous filtering and keeps the impurities fluid and easy to manage. As it remains the filter in good condition; the filter will stay useable for the next four to five years. The amount of water that reverse osmosis filtration produces in five years will be equal to five flushes of the toilet. The water is also reusable to water your plants or any other thing that you like.

Myth # 3: Too clean

This is our favorite argument. People think that the water filtered with reverse osmosis is too clean for human consumption. The idea is that if a person consumes water that is also free from germs; it affects their immunity to fight the bacteria. That is a particularly surprising take on the situation. If a person is installing a water filtration system; surely, they have reservations regarding the water they currently utilize. The ‘germs’ our skeptics’ hail can be quickly consumed through food; takeout and many other sources. 

Myth # 4: It filters minerals from the body

Some critics contacted the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 and asked whether using RO filtered water will take minerals out of the human body upon consumption. The EPA rejected this claim and said that reverse osmosis filtered water does not have any such effects on human body. It also equally applies to commercial reverse osmosis systems.

Myth # 5: RO water and acidity

RO water is acidic by a few decimal points. That is because water is generally contaminated by salts and is too alkaline when unfit for human consumption. While pushing out all the salt; RO filter makes the water a bit also free of basic tendency and makes it negligibly acidic. This is not an issue it is good for human nature. But, there is also some kind of solution for acidic water which is known as water acid neutralizer system.

We hope this post clear out your doubts about domestic and commercial reverse osmosis systems! Comment your questions below.