Who Is Yasmine Blue? Live.Me’s Yasmine Blue Facts, Bio, Instagram

Yasmine Blue’s last name evokes the depths of the ocean for a reason: You can practically feel her unfathomable gaze even through your tiny phone screen.

The Instagram influencer and live-streaming star appears unapproachable, but her personality is magnetic. In the competitive and lucrative world of live-streaming, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself.

However, that’s exactly what Yasmine Blue did. If you are on Live.Me or BIGO Live, at some point Blue has definitely been on your popular page. That’s how well-known she is on the apps.

Like the color, Blue is cool and refreshing. But there’s more to her than being the human embodiment of all things icy, so we collected 5 facts about Yasmine Blue.

1. She has more than 500K fans in total.

After joining the apps Live.Me and BIGO Live in 2018, she’s gained over 500K followers across all platforms, due to her engaging personality and her ability to produce entertaining content. It was actually an acquaintance of Blue’s who inspired her to go live for the first time, and her popularity only increased from there.

2. Her last name isn’t actually Blue.

This comes as a surprise to no one, but Yasmine Blue’s surname isn’t what she was born with. She isn’t forthcoming about her real name and chooses to keep it private.

3. She’s had various paid partnerships on Instagram.

If you glance at Blue’s Instagram page, you will notice that she has partnered with notable brands such as Jaden Smith’s JUST Water, Busch Gardens, and Zicam.

4. She has a really cute fur baby.

Blue’s rescue cat, Taro, is a staple of her online presence. You can often spot his ginger fur in the back of her live-streams, he is plastered all over her Instagram, and his adoption was documented on her YouTube channel.

5. She uses her platform to advocate for important causes.

Finally, Blue is passionate about children’s and women’s rights, and she often uses her platform to advocate for those groups. She also makes it a point to post about a little-known criminal case at least once a month, and often gives her followers tips on how to stay safe and protect themselves. Blue has stated in the past that she aims to work in criminology.