EasyEventPlanning.com Surpasses 100K Monthly Users

Founded in 2003, EasyEventPlanning.com, also known as EEP, was created with one specific intention- to locate every wedding vendor in Upstate New York. Because of the lack of online indexes during the site’s conception, Kathleen Kilmer, our founder, relied heavily on spoken advice, wedding shows, yellow pages, and local wedding journals when planning her own ceremony. Over time, EEP would grow exponentially to encompass helpful wedding planning ideas and information. 

During this period of time, Ms. Kilmer held the position of a partner in an occasion ornament business. Its website was actually the original host of EEP’s vendor directory before the domain name was bought. Even with her marketing MBA and years of international marketing experience, she found it incredibly challenging to advertise the business within the budget. The proprietors she encountered at banquet halls, clubs, venues, and restaurants all reciprocated her struggles. She began to realize that not only were the event locations suffering, but also the photographers, bands, DJs, and other small event businesses. The main issue, she discovered, was advertising while also taking care of oneself and family. 

While brides were relatively easy to identify and contact, those who were planning other events like birthdays or graduations were not, as targeting them required large-scale, community advertisements which often elicited no response. Ms. Kilmer resolved to expand her new website to incorporate budget worksheets and other checklists, helping not only users but vendors as well. Then it was possible for vendors to reach their entire target audience through one site. However, the breadth of EEP remained upstate New York only for years, as the project was originally a part-time undertaking for Ms. Kilmer.  

Ms. Kilmer initiated a site-wide reconstruction a few years ago with the intention of making event planning quick and hassle-free, whether you’re planning a birthday, wedding, baby shower, or simply a themed party. Now, EEP houses:

  • Downloadable checklists for 55 different events including task due dates tailored to your specific timeline and the ability to share and co-tackle projects.
  • A national vendor catalog comprised of hundreds of thousands of listings. 
  • 600+ articles detailing gift ideas specific to the event, wedding and party tips, what to look for when commissioning vendors, and more. 
  • 100+ regional weddings guides and local wedding venue reports.
  •  Downloadable budget spreadsheets for 55 different events including specific event-related items which track both estimated and actual expenses in comparison. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Easy Event Planning has been honing in on SEO, or search engine optimization. As the country is opening for celebrations and events again, the site is quickly gaining ground. From just 300 average monthly users in January 2021, the business recently exceeded 100,000 monthly users. 

In 2016, EEP relocated from New York to the Las Vegas area. 

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