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This AFK Arena Cheat Generator was created by the renowned “UNV Cheat Games” and will allow you to add as many Resources as you like without having to connect to the internet, because our Generator delivers processed data to the official game servers.

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When the game is released, AFK Arena Cheats will be able to provide you with the option to redeem all of the game’s codes. Furthermore, its hacking capability will add a limitless number of free diamonds to your gaming account without requiring you to verify your identity. If you’re looking for diamonds in AFK Arena, don’t wait for luck to come your way. Now is the time to use our AFK Arena hack codes 2020. If you’re seeking for “AFK Arena Cheats,” you’ll be astonished to learn that we’re giving you our working afk arena hack, which has been used by a major Facebook group for months. To get the arena hack cheats, simply click the link below. afk arena android ios hack

In this guide, you are going to find the easiest ways to get free diamonds or Gems in AFK Arena.

These methods are actually very familiar with most players in the game. However, If you are a new player, you will find this guide extremely helpful!

1. Bounty Board Rewards

Some  quests give gem diamonds! These scale with your Bounty Board level, and have their own ascension levels. The higher the ascension, the higher the reward!

2. Arcane Labyrinth

The rewards diamonds for completing each floor.

  • The first-floor rewards 50 gem diamonds
  • The second-floor rewards 100 gem diamonds
  • The third-floor rewards 200 gem diamonds
  • Quests for the Campaign
    Diamonds are awarded for finishing the campaign as you move through the game. Diamonds are awarded after every four stages.Bonus: Switching your language to Chinese or Korean will reveal some hidden Quests in the Campaign area. This could give you an extra 100-150 Diamonds. AFK Arena Gift Codes has more information.

    4. Weekly and daily quests

    You can get 100 gem diamonds by completing your daily missions and earning 80 Activity points. Similarly, earning 400 gem diamonds by fulfilling the 80 Activity points under the Weeklies tab.

  • Arena Bonuses
    The number of free diamonds you earn each day is determined by your Arena ladder position, with a higher total being awarded at the end of the season!You might even earn a Pit Master’s Gift if you’re lucky, with a chance to win over 3000 diamonds!the king’s towerThe King’s Tower is number six.Completing each stage of the King’s Tower earns you a tiny amount of diamonds and contributes to your Campaign Quests!You’ll also have access to the Towers of Esperia after completing Chapter 14. (Faction Towers). You’ll get diamonds after reaching certain milestones in the Towers of Esperia!

    7. Time’s High Points

    In the Peak, there are a few chests that can be found.

  • Events

    Occasionally, AFK Arena will hold some special events, such as  that reward diamonds, amongst other prizes.

    Stay informed!  every day for updates!

    9. Guild Hunting

    Sometimes, fighting Wrizz and Soren will drop diamond chests!

    • Purple Chest = 100 gem
    • Blue Chest = 30 gem
    • Green Chests = 10 gem.

    10. Free Diamonds from Wall of Legends

    You can gain diamonds just by being a member of a server and letting other players do the work! In the ‘Ranhorn’ tab next to the Rickety Cart, tap ‘Wall of Legends’.

    These are leaderboards for the top players in your server. The more milestones they (or you!) reach, the more diamonds are rewarded as progression advances!


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