Who’s is the best tight end in The Super Bowl: George Kittle vs. Travis Kelce?

Travis Kelce the two along with george Kittle closed Wings from the NFL, will face each other from the Superbowl

Both finest closed will be perhaps seen by the Superbowl LIV Ends from the NFL contest: George Kittle of both San Francisco and Travis Kelce of all Kansas City. Sky Sports & # 3-9; He talked with New Orleans Saints TE Jared Cook to do the ruler on the two celebrities…


Kittle is your boy on the block, who comes out from Like a selection in 2017, to burst on the scene.

Prior to breaking up the listing, in 2018, he fell just 4 yards Of the NFL game for yards by a tight end in a single match with a performance of seven grabs along with 2-10 metres against Denver in Week 13.

Then, at the past week of the season, he broke the Record for receiving a season to get a tight ending with 1,377. That record has been set less than an hour or so after Kelce had broken the album himself with 1,336!


Kittle has had a start in his profession together with Kyle Shanahan.

Meanwhile, Kelce was Mr Consistent since he broke outside In his next season in 2014. In the post to enroll 500 grabs in his career, he became the first TE using four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, along with the fastest player Back in 20-19.


An eleven-year veteran, cook, who has forged an impressive Livelihood from the NFL, reached his first two Pro Bowls in 250 pounds, his two recent seasons, also with 5 lbs and 6 feet and also as a player. He offered his thoughts on the 2 players heading to Miami.

“I analyze most of the wings closed from the group,” Cook stated. Sky sports following the Pro Bowl at Orlando. “And (both) have bodies that are big. They run really well”

Jared Cook scored nine touchdowns for the Saints this year and was nominated for its Pro-Bowl

“They start in reduced criticism when there is tight Coverage. They block well, extend the area. They cover everything you would like at a tight wing.”


But Cook understands that raw talent is not enough to Produce the numbers Kelce and Kittle create.

He said:”Both offenses produce plays to both players.

Kelce and also kittle took the stage together on the opening Nights Superbowl LIV in Miami

“Both Kelce and Kittle are basically the Major characteristic of those offenses where they could be placed in any position and will continue to be successful.”


Truly, at the season the two players led their teams Both would be also the things of the air strike and felt five touchdowns.

“How can a defender stop a player like these?”, We ask Cook. Your answer? “they can’t!”

Kelce Can Be a Posture record

Finally, we requested Cook what tight end he would select if he Had to select one.

“I will need to choose Kelce,” he explained.


“I feel that, in his crime, how Andy Reid provides Him the ball, it’s like… You don’t view Kittle grabbing a lot of shovel passes or quick displays behind the line and carrying them and raising themfast, small dumps and turning them up.

“I believe that Kelce is great in the line of scrimmage Y extensible.”

You can tune in to see both players on Sunday, February 2 Out of 10 p.m. in Sky Sports Action.

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