Naval Aviation Museum Foundation Establishment Reports Retirement of Chief Lt. Gen. Duane Thiessen

The Naval Aviation Museum Center Establishment detailed the retirement of Lt. Gen. Duane Thiessen, USMC (Ret.) and named Back Adm. Kyle Cozad, USN (Ret.) as his replacement. Thiessen has filled in as the president and Chief for as far back as seven years supporting the National Maritime Flying Historical center and the National Flight Institute, in the wake of resigning from the U.S. Marine Corps. Thiessen will proceed with his job as Chief until later this fall when Cozad will take over as President. The date is still to be resolved.

Thiessen has been a dedicated steward of the Maritime Flight Historical Center Establishment’s crucial, planning, raising money and organization. He has been instrumental in directing the board and staff in setting system, making a move and authority. Thiessen was instrumental in the total form out for the National Flight Institute, the Establishment’s flying themed instructive program. Previous to joining the Establishment, Thiessen went through 38 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, including Directing General of the U.S. Marine Corps Powers, Pacific.

In recapping his years with the Establishment, Thiessen expressed, “It’s been a respect to be a piece of an association so rich with legacy and pride, fixated on Maritime Avionics yet devoted to regarding the past and rousing people in the future. Will miss going to the workplace and all the superb individuals we get the opportunity to work with.”

“Lt. Gen. Thiessen has been a wonderful pioneer of the Establishment throughout the previous seven years. He deftly moved the crucial the National Maritime Avionics Gallery and the National Flight Foundation through numerous difficulties. One benefit of the Board, we express gratitude toward him and wish him well in his next undertakings,” expressed Bad habit Adm. Jim Zortman, Executive of the Governing body of the Maritime Aeronautics Historical center Establishment.

“With Back Adm. Kyle Cozad, we are incredibly lucky to invite a powerful pioneer as the Maritime Avionics Gallery Establishment President and Chief,” included Zortman. “His vision and profound roots in all aspects of Maritime Aeronautics will be vital to guaranteeing our Exhibition hall keeps on developing and be a globally perceived organization recounting to the account of Maritime Flying.”

Cozad becomes President and Chief of the Establishment in the wake of filling in as the authority of the Maritime Instruction and Preparing Order (NETC) at NAS Pensacola. Before taking order at NETC, Cozad told a unit, wing and surveillance gathering. He likewise filled in as Ranking executive of the White House Circumstance Room and drove Joint Team Guantanamo.

“I am pleased and lowered to be given the possibilities to succeed Thiessen as President of a genuinely unique association,” expressed Cozad. “After my 35 years in the military, I anticipate proceeding with the heritage of Maritime Aeronautics.”

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