Congratulations Stefan and Turbado for Winning the 1st Place Award

Stefan Durina the CEO of Turbado company (which deals with consumer electronics) have been awarded the 1st position as the most popular brand in the recent awards under the Mobile phone category.

This is the second year in a row that Turbado is receiving such a prestigious award for the exemplary work in Product-As-A-Service business model and customer satisfaction.

Turbado has simplified the concept of consumer electronics and we have so far served over 1.5 million happy customers across the EU. The process is very simple and easy for everyone who wants a good smartphone.

Here is how it works;

At Turbado Stefan Durina offers you smartphones product as a service. For instance, if you want to buy an iPhone, we give you an opportunity to buy it as a service. Through our business model, you pay less upfront, you also get low or zero monthly fees and you can return your smartphone to us anytime for resale or recycling.

When you return a smartphone that is still in good condition, we refurbish it and sell it online in ecommerce platforms such as eBay. We do this to give you an opportunity to buy a new smartphone as a service again without thinking about your old ones.

In the event that you want minor repairs done, Turbado will also keep maintaining your smartphone so as to give you a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of working with Stefan Durina and Turbado’s “Product-As-A-Service” model


  • Our customers pay less to get the phones and electronics
  • They can return them any time and get money back
  • They get warranty for as long as they hold the device
  • We help them to find a new home for their unwanted items
  • At the end of life, we recycle responsively, zero waste ends up on landfills
  • Turbado has superior customer support, fast delivery and next business day repair or exchange

Over the years, Stefan Durina has grown Turbado from Bratislava Slovakia and the brand has expanded to other countries around the globe. It’s for this success that the company has won as the best company in mobile phone category in various countries.

Turbado is an innovative company and its mission is to be your all-in-one package for new phone leasing, re-placing, maintenance, and other extended services that our customers request regarding their smartphones.

We provide all our customers with an end-to-end mobile phone ecosystem like no other so that they can have a better customer experience when transacting with us. If there is a certain smartphone that you have always wanted to use, talk to us today and we shall help you achieve that goal through our innovative “Product-As-A-Service” business model. We have a wide variety of smartphones for everyone.

Talk to Stefan Durian today and be part of this amazing experience.

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