Ringmaster Advances Reports Arranged Joint Endeavor with PLEXIS Medicinal services Frameworks

Ringmaster Technologies is glad to report an arranged joint endeavor with PLEXIS Social insurance Frameworks, a worldwide industry pioneer in big business center organization and cases the executive’s answers for human services payer associations.

As PLEXIS keeps on conveying ideal worth, unrivaled purchaser administration, and, all the more significantly, creative answers for their customers, Ringmaster’s propelled programming arrangements – Statement LinQ and Savvy LinQ – are an ideal supplement to the PLEXIS stage.

This joint endeavor will give PLEXIS clients a mechanized, incorporated framework for improved and unrivaled efficiencies in Stop-Misfortune strategy organization and revealing.

“We are glad to collaborate with PLEXIS so as to convey our Stop-Misfortune innovation arrangements, Statement LinQ and Savvy LinQ, to their customers. Ringmaster’s joining to the PLEXIS stage permits us the possibilities to drive important upgrades and efficiencies to the numerous TPAs working with PLEXIS,” expressed Quality Pompili, Leader of Ringmaster Advancements.

“While our product has customarily given stop-misfortune strategy organization and detailing for our TPA customers performing self-financed organization, we see Ringmaster’s foundation offering as a significant jump forward in empowering more noteworthy mechanization and simplicity of organization than what a center managerial stage offering can give and, consequently, see Ringmaster’s abilities giving extraordinary incentive to our TPA customers,” expressed Sean Garrett, Head Working Official of PLEXIS Human services Frameworks.

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