People of color Matter Needs A Black James Bond

Michael Varner, a dark male imaginative maker and graduate of generally dark school Howard University, is building up another comic book arrangement that includes the “Black James Bond,” a character that he accepts has never existed in amusement mediums.

In the wake of racial shameful acts about the murdering of people of color by the police, Varner accepts some portion of the issue is Because of helpless open impression of individuals of color.

The underlying driver as Varner would like to think has a great deal to do with attire style: he accepts that, albeit people of color do wear an assortment of styles, in Hollywood dark guys are for the most part delineated in road or urban wear instead of dress wear, which offers ascend to antagonistic impression of individuals of color.

Varner is resolved to change that by making a dark male character that is about dressy style – a model that is by and by missing and painfully required in media outlets.

“It happened to me that there is no common James Bond proportionate character for people of color to appreciate or copy, or for the general population everywhere to see – no hot, smooth, organized, insightful person of color that wears suits and tuxedos day by day,” expressed Varner.

Varner’s creative mind drives him to concoct a hot, fashionable, exceptionally savvy dark character that is a mystery spy – Seth Banks. The character is a finished school educator by day and global super covert operative around evening time, who wouldn’t be gotten dead in “Timbs” or a hoody.

The story places about Banks’ association in a maverick division of the CIA, named Division 6, as it reveals a budgetary plot to siphon cash out of Eastern European Belarus and entangle that nation’s President in embarrassment all the while. It’s a mind-boggling plot that Varner depicts as “Strategic meets Syriana.”