Digital Projection Dispatches Satellite Particular Laser Framework

Digital Projection is glad to authoritatively dispatch its game-changing Satellite Measured Laser Framework (Satellite MLS). The cornerstone highlight of this new, progressive framework is the partition of the unadulterated laser light motor, with the related force and warm administration, to a remote area. This empowers a reduced and practically quiet projection ‘Head’ that principally contains optics, video preparing, and cooling identified with the picture modulators. Giving adaptable coordination alternatives dissimilar to anything available as of late, Satellite MLS vows to be a unimaginable jump forward for the AV business.


Given the particular segments that involve the framework, integrators can without much of a stretch plan a custom one-to-many, or many-to-one setup between the MLS light sources and the Satellite projection Heads:

In a one-to-numerous designs, a solitary 10,000 lumen MLS light module enlightens various projection Heads, similarly parting and giving coordinated splendor to each Head through the duration of the brightening framework. Wise control components guarantee lumen coordinating of up to four projection Heads, while drastically diminishing framework personal time for arranged support.

As incorporated projectors have gotten more splendid, they have unavoidably increased, heavier, increasingly costly, and the sky is the limit from there power hungry – factors which can make troublesome difficulties for some establishments and spending plan touchy applications.

Be that as it may, the Satellite MLS gives an imaginative, secluded methodology, using fiber optics to effectively and securely transport unadulterated RGB laser enlightenment from the light source to the Satellite projection Head. Previously, RGB laser light was held for just the biggest scale and most elevated spending applications, yet Advanced Projection’s Satellite MLS framework currently makes this striking innovation open, progressively deployable, and increasingly reasonable to the more extensive AV showcase. Notwithstanding the on-screen benefits that RGB laser enlightenment offers, including REC2020 shading space, the Satellite MLS’ structure permits the light source and projection Head to be isolated by as much as 100 meters.

The Satellite MLS product offering has been created to give WUXGA, Local 4K, and 8K goals and will likewise incorporate Advanced Projection’s ongoing Understanding 4K HFR 360 answer for vivid and community oriented 4K-3D situations. Frameworks can be designed to create from 2,500 lumens up to 40,000+ lumens per projection Head.

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